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​Wind Power AI

​De-post processing "no way" detected and notified in advance

​The wind power generation industry has many issues to deal with, such as the occurrence of downtime due to wind turbine failure, the social impact of failures and accidents, and the lack of maintenance personnel. ​​

Arithmer contributes to "smart security" using AI image analysis technology.

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Do you have any problems?


​Due to generator failure
Downtime occurs


in wind power accidents
social impact


​Lack of maintenance personnel

Bio AI solves your challenges

Wind power AI is for yousolve the problem

Characteristics of wind power AIlong


​ Using AI for image inspection in wind power,
Detect signs of equipment failure

A camera is installed inside the nacelle of the wind power generation to acquire image data at all times.
​24 hours a day, 365 days a year, images are constantly being acquired, making it possible to discover signs of failure before they occur.


Since it learns the normal state,
Detects all kinds of "abnormalities"

To do.

Arithmer solves various social issues with AI / IT technology


​The installed camera and AI system
to constantly monitor
We can solve the shortage of human resources.

Arithmer is home to many talented researchers from various fields


※The image is an image

​wind power plant
Predictive maintenance/abnormality detection

We will realize "smart security" by replacing monthly patrols with real-time monitoring by AI.


  • Surveillance camera image

AI system

  • ​unsupervised learning

  • of the learning model​ inferred from creationOne-stop untilrun on top


  • daily report

  • Anomaly Report

​Gas diffusion source identification AI system

​It can be used to quickly estimate the source of gas leakage when gas leakage occurs.


  • visualized gasleak image

  • weather conditions

  • ​design drawing

AI system

  • Gas diffusion source identification​AI system


  • Specified result of gas diffusion source


※The image is an image

Case Studies

(Link to Japanese Only)

※The image is an image


Eurus Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

​ predictive AI using camera
Partial replacement for monthly patrols of wind turbines

Arithmer has solutions that can solve the challenges of various industries.

Please feel free to contact us even if it is not an introduction case.

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