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​Drive Support AI

​Based on video analysis for daily life, such as driving assistance, spatial awareness, and monitoring

​ Supports the safety and security of cars and people. You can use the system according to the purpose and environment, such as alerting by analyzing in-vehicle camera video and real-time alert by smartphone application. ​


Do you have any problems?


​Factory carts and large trucks
Contact accident due to entrainment


In the event of a traffic accident (accident resulting in injury or death)
social impact


Shortage of skilled drivers

Manufacturing AI solves such challenges

Driving AI is your problemsolve the

Features of Driving AI


Using video analysis technology
Detect dangerous situations

Surveillance around the vehicle with a camera attached to the vehicle body Monitors the side and rear of the vehicle and alerts you when an obstacle is detected.


With only the minimum required camera
Measure the movement trajectory of the vehicle body
Determine the risk of contact with obstacles, etc.

Arithmer solves various social issues with AI / IT technology


Safe and secure operation even for young drivers

Arithmer is home to many talented researchers from various fields


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​ Predictive maintenance of production equipment

​By learning the normal cycle of the manufacturing equipment, it detects "unusual" behavior. This enables the early detection of equipment abnormalities and, as a result, the prevention of serious damage.



  • record normal behaviorSurveillance camera video

AI system

  • of production equipmentAnomaly detection


  • ​Abnormal part notification

in autonomous driving systems
Predictive maintenance/abnormality detection

​Automatic adjustment and monitoring of hazardous areas by implementing systems such as AGVs and forklifts. Prevent contact accidents. Automatically adjust the surveillance area as you move.


  • autonomous driving systemVideo of Tem


  • Abnormal part notification

AI system

  • Combination with automated driving system


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Case study

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Toyota Motor Corporation

Jointly filed a patent with Toyota Motor Corporation for the rear safety of the transport cart in the factory.

Arithmer has solutions that can solve the challenges of various industries.

Please feel free to contact us even if it is not an introduction case.

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