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Bio AI

Robotics can Substitute Expert Technicians in the Field of New Drug Development

The field of new drug development relies heavily on skilled workers. Companies are facing challenges in transferring their expertise to new talents. Thanks to mathematics and robotics we can replicate the precise movements of experienced craftsmen with robots.

We are also applying this technology to agriculture and fishing.

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Do you have such challenges?


Automation of complex and amorphous workflows.


Lack of technology transfer and succession planning in drug discovery.


Serious succession issues in agriculture.

Bio AI solves your challenges

Bio AI features


AI automates human tasks and saves labor.

Our fine tuned and compact robots are designed to perform precise and delicate tasks on irregularly shaped and soft objects; tasks that were previously difficult or impossible to automate.


Robot replicates “God’s hand” movements.

By using motion analysis technology and 3D data processing technology, it is now possible to reproduce the movements of skilled technicians that were previously considered impossible to reproduce with robots.


Automated harvesting robots with image analysis and 3D processing.

By using image analysis of the crops and 3D point cloud processing techniques, we can replace delicate tasks by robots and automatically harvest crops of various sizes.


The photo is a sample image

Using a “3D Picking Robot”, Humans and Robots Work Together

At a research site, we are developing a robot equipped with a hand that can perform multiple tasks. By using image recognition technology to detect the position of objects, we are able to make it perform precise and delicate manipulations.


  • Image of the object

  • Depth image

AI System

  • AI Image Recognition

  • 3D Data Processing


  • Arm Gripping and Clamping

Implementing Artisan Skills in Robots Using Advanced Mathematics

Arithmer Robo demonstrates the ability to replicate the unparalleled skills of those possessing unique and unrivaled expertise, often referred to as the 'hand of God.'


  • Human motion capture with motion sensor

AI System

  • Motion analysis technology

  • 3D data processing technology


  • Reproduce the movement with a robot


The photo is a sample image

Case Studies

(Link to Japanese Only)




We reduce the workload of employees with automated robots which can perform repetitive but precise tasks.

Arithmer has solutions for solving challenges in a variety of industries.
Please feel free to contact us for more information​.

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