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We apply modern mathematics

to create new technologies.


Founder and CEO

Yoshihiro Ohta

The 64th International Mathematical Olympiad in Japan Organizing Committee Vice-Chairman
Members of the Conference toward AI Network Society, under commission by MIC
Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Visiting Professor, Isotope Science Center, The University of Tokyo
Delegate Member, The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. (JSIAM)
Dr. of Mathematical Science (The University of Tokyo)




Arithmer is a company that uses mathematics to solve social problems. We named our company after the word "arithmetic".

Mathematics is simple, beautiful and has the power to change the world. Mathematicians and technologists have proven it. And now we are applying modern mathematics to solve various social problems by introducing new advanced AI systems.

We are grateful to the many leading companies in our industry that are using Arithmer's AI solutions, and we are aware of our great social responsibility to create new technologies for a better future.

Founder and CEO

Yoshihiro Ohta

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