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Construction AI

Reducing on-site Risks and Cost Burdens with AI

Arithmer supports the promotion of

"i-Construction," which aims to create attractive construction sites by using AI to improve productivity and reduce risks and costs in civil engineering projects.


Do you have such challenges?


Want to eliminate accidents at work sites.


Lack of simulation experts.


Field data is necessary for simulations.

Construction AI solves such challenges

​Construction AI features


AI identifies worksite hazards from past reports.

The AI collects and analyzes accident reports from multiple work sites to assess risk levels and provide preventive measures against work-related accidents.


Eliminating subjectivity through AI-enabled parameter estimation.

AI can alleviate personalization by performing parameter estimation based on measured values.


Analysis achieved with minimal data and trials.

By pre-training AI on similar cases, analysis is possible even with a small amount of data in a specified area, contributing to the reduction of data preparation effort.


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Minimizing Delays by Anticipating Heavy Rain Impact

Heavy rainfall is a major enemy on construction sites. AI can help manage construction time by streamlining flood control measures by simulating the amount of rainfall in advance based on site conditions and other factors.


  • Weather data

  • Observational data

  • Topographic data

AI System

  • AI system for predicting precipitation levels


  • Flood simulation on construction sites

  • Placement simulation of water tanks, etc.

Drone Cameras for Efficient Inspections

Images captured by drone cameras are used to detect anomalies using AI image analysis technology. This system can easily inspect inaccessible locations such as high places and enclosed areas, improving efficiency.


  • Image in normal condition

  • Image taken by a drone's camera

AI System

  • AI Image Analysis


  • Anomaly detection alerts


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Arithmer has solutions for solving challenges in a variety of industries.
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